Information About Vascular Surgery

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Vascular surgery is a specialty that focuses on surgery of the arteries and veins. It can be performed using reconstructive techniques or minimally invasive catheters. Over the years, vascular surgery has evolved to use more minimally invasive techniques. Dr. Kachmar teams with Dr. Kedersha, who is both a general surgeon with a specialization in vascular and endovascular surgery, to preform comprehensive, diagnostic testing of your arterial and venous systems of your lower extremities. This service is offered to you as an in-office procedure at the Jersey Shore Foot and Leg Center.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are typically found in the legs. These are veins that have become twisted and enlarged, causing pain and swelling. When conservative treatment has failed, surgery can be performed to alleviate symptoms. Surgery for varicose veins includes:

  • Vein Stripping - a surgical procedure that removes the varicose vein
  • Sclerotherapy - a procedure that injects a medication into the vein to cause the vein to shrink
  • Endovenous Laser Treatment - a laser is used in the vein to cause it to contract
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy - a minor procedure that involves removing varicose veins through multiple small incisions

Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease

Also known as PAD or PVD, is the obstruction of large arteries, generally in the lower extremities. The obstruction can be caused by plaque build up, inflammation, or a blood clot, to name a few. Vascular surgery for peripheral arterial occlusive disease includes:

  • Angioplasty with or without stenting - a minor procedure where a small catheter is passed into the artery or vein and a balloon is used to open it up. Sometimes a stent is then inserted into the artery or vein to ensure it stays open.
  • Vascular Bypass - similar to a heart bypass surgery, a vascular bypass redirects the blood flow around an obstructed area in the legs.
  • Endarterectomy - a procedure that removes the plaque build up from an artery.
  • Atherectomy - is a type of endovascular surgery that is minimally invasive and removes atherosclerosis from blood vessels

Acute Limb Ischemia

Acute limb ischemia happens when there is a sudden acute lack of blood flow to a limb. Surgeries to correct this include:

  • Embolectomy or Thrombectomy - an emergency vascular procedure that removes an embolism or a blood clot from the obstructed blood vessel restoring blood flow to the limb.

Vascular Surgery at Jersey Shore Foot & Leg Center

Jersey Shore Foot & Leg Center competently provides podiatric and vascular limb services in the Bayville and Barnegat areas. Dr. Kachmar is board certified in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery and certified as a diplomat or fellow by several organizations.

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